The regional plan for the Llano Estacado Regional Water Planning Area is being revised and updated by a volunteer group of members representing water use categories within the region. The regional planning group voting membership is currently limited to 25 persons. This group was appointed by the Texas Water Development Board from nominations by area citizens. There are 6 non-voting members, including the Texas Water Development Board project manager, representatives from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board, and a Designated Liaison from adjacent RWPG (Region G), and the regional water planning group’s technical consultant, as required by TWDB regional water planning rules.

Members of the Llano Estacado Regional Water Planning Group’s Executive Committee are: Chairman Aubrey A. Spear, PE.,  Vice-Chairman Mark Kirkpatrick, and Secretary-Treasurer Doug Hutcheson.

Dr. Melanie Barnes, Ph. D. 2019 Public Lubbock, TX
Dr. Chris Grotegut, DVM 2021 Agricultural Hereford, TX
Carrie Dodson 2022 Groundwater Management Areas # 6 Quanah, TX
Jason Coleman, PE 2024 Water Districts Ropesville, TX
Delmon Ellison Jr. 2019 Agricultural Seagraves, TX
Jeffrey Snyder 2021 Municipalities (Medium) 10-30,000 Plainview, TX
Joey Hardin 2022 Industries Lubbock, TX
Bret Yeary, PE 2019 Electric Generating Utilities Amarillo, TX
Ronnie Hopper 2022 Groundwater Management Areas # 2 Petersburg, TX
Doug Hutcheson 2019 Water Utilities Wolfforth, TX
Mark Kirkpatrick 2022 Agricultural Post, TX
Jeffrey (Jeff) Sammon 2022 River Authorities Waco, TX
Don McElroy 2022 Small Business Muleshoe, TX
Charles (Charlie) Morris 2022 Counties Spur, TX
Dr. Ken Rainwater, Ph. D. 2022 Public Lubbock, TX
Kent Satterwhite 2022 Municipal Water Supply Districts Sanford, TX
Tom Simons 2019 Municipalities (Medium) 10-30,000 Hereford, TX
Aubrey A. Spear PE 2019 Municipalities (Large) 30,000 or more Lubbock, TX
Jim Steiert 2022 Environmental Hereford, TX
Alan Monroe 2019 Municipalities (Small) Less than 10,000 Friona, TX
Jimmy Wedel 2019 Agricultural Lubbock, TX
Benjamin (Ben) Weinheimer, Sr. PE 2022 Agricultural Amarillo,TX
Shane Jones 2021 Municipal Water Supply Districts Spur, TX
VACANT  2017  previously Municipal Water Supply Districts
Harry DeWit  2021  Agricultural Friona, TX

Aaron Waters Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) Project Manager Austin, TX
John Clayton Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Waco, TX
Paula Jo Lemonds, PE, PG HDR Engineering  (Technical Consultant) Austin, TX
Jason Lindeman Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Lubbock, TX
Carol Faulkenberry Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Lubbock, TX